Mass Effect Normandy SR2 - Starship Schematic - 36x11.75

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Hi, I'm Commander Shepard and this is my favorite shop on the Citadel!!

Highly detailed print of the the savior ship of the Milky Way, the SSV Normandy SR2 from Mass Effect. Complete with details of each deck. By 2186, Shepard had turned the Normandy SR2 over to the Systems Alliance from Cerberus. Feeling that the ship, being based on the Systems Alliance-designed SSV Normandy SR1, was their property, they studied and modified her, adding new parts, redesigning existing areas and removing Cerberus equipment. The Alliance then renamed it the SSV Normandy SR2, and acts as the mobile command center of Commander Shepard's efforts to unite the galaxy against the Reapers.

Created in Adobe Illustrator and printed on high quality, satin gloss, archival premium paper.