USS Enterprise - Galaxy Class Starship LCARS Poster - 36x11.75 (Panoramic)

USS Enterprise - Galaxy Class Starship LCARS Poster - 36x11.75 (Panoramic)

Print Size: 36 inches x 11.75 Inches

The central computer display of the U.S.S Enterprise Galaxy Class starship from The Next Generation. Features every deck and central system on board. Highly detailed with design and color scheme from the TV show. Also features other key LCARS system displays. Navigation, Warp, Computer Core, Science stations, Sensors and Shuttles.

Want to name your own ship? Want to be listed as the Captain? Upon purchase, send me an email or leave in the notes what ship name you would like U.S.S _____ and Captain:_____ Since your poster is printed on demand I can offer this service. If no name is specified and for faster delivery and process time, U.S.S. Enterprise 1701-D Captain Jean Luc Picard will be used.

Inexpensive store bought frames can be found at most Art and Crafts (Michaels, Aaron Bros.) and Framing shops. Panoramic style frame is 36 x 11.75
40 USD